The time is NOW, dear ones…oh, yes…

11.22.10 // My Mondays

This afternoon I received a text message from a good friend of mine regarding his current state of uncertainty.  From this starting point, I found myself eventually discussing the concept of time with him in the framework of trying to break free from the generally unhealty and unproductive relationship we tend to have with the beast.  (Gee, Jen…that’s a rather over-arching and vague comment to make.  What exactly do you mean by that?)  Oh, I am SO very glad you asked!  What I mean is this…”I’ll do it later.”  “…when I find the time…”  “…eventually…”  “I’ve always wanted to, BUT…”

Blah blah blah yackity shmackity!

We are all guilty of muttering these words, so the variable in this equation would be frequency.  How often do you catch yourself using such phrases as the ones above?  And the “funny” thing is usually the things we’re claiming not to have time for are the very things that we really WANT to be filling our time with!  So, why aren’t we doing them?!  Ooooooh THAT’S right…because instead we’re allowing our schedules to become satiated with all the “other” stuff.  Maybe it provides us with a comfort blanket under which we can keep on dreaming, or maybe (like with the elephant) it creates that metal cuff around our ankle that keeps us tethered to the twig in the ground that we could SO very easily just pull away from.  But we don’t.  We remain passive enough to stay content with this concept of self-repression that allows us to constantly put the blame on outside factors rather than owning it.  Why?  Why?  Why?

It doesn’t have to be this way, I assure you.

It would be wonderful to have a tree that sprouted beautiful blooms of time all year round…but until that pretty beastie springs up from beneath the earth, ‘twould appear that we crazy humans must continue to revert to other measures in order to better relate and utilize time.

Bottom line: the only time you have is right now.  Do the things that you absolutely HAVE to do, but also make the time for the things that you really WANT to do.  Don’t deny yourself these desires; they’re innate enough within you for a reason; the more important ones probably help construct your personality, you as a person.  That’s super-hardcore, yeah?!  Man, oh, man…  So much pleasure and enjoyment right there at your beautiful little finger tips…

If there’s something that’s been itching in the back of your mind or your tummy for who knows how long anymore…please allow yourself the chance to actually follow-through on it.  Even if you just sample it…maybe you’ve been eyeballing that cake, but just can’t seem to bring yourself to indulge because the cake in its entirety is rather overwhelming — it makes your mouth water to gaze upon it, BUT, it’s still quite overwhelming.

So…take a bite instead…  But make it a big one!  Be like my mother when we’re making brownies — disgard that normal-sized spoon and go for the one that appears to have been created for Paul Bunyan himself.  Allow yourself to induuuuulge in the glory!

Delicious Cake

As I continued to discuss time with my friend, I ended up apologizing to him because I realized that I had launched into “blog writing mode” on him.  Therefore, I feel it only appropriate to insert the closing of my last email to him…

“Life doesn’t pause.  When you want things done, ya gotta make them happen for yourself, and ya gotta make them happen now – not “later – when I finally have the time…” – because you’ll NEVER “have the time” — ya gotta MAKE the time!  Don’t plan it.  Don’t hesitate.  Just do it.  Go with your gut.  Let go!  I’m not gonna let you fall…”

Who in your world won’t let YOU fall?  Who do you have in your world who will support you as you push past your current set of boundaries and you know for sure they’ll be there in the end regardless of the outcome?  If no person in particular comes to mind, or if the person/people who DO come to mind are ones you haven’t really spoken with in a long time – then this would be a wonderful starting point for you…because it will indicate that perhaps you’re not surrounding yourself with the right people for you as an individual.  But that’s another topic for another day…

The time is now, dear ones.  The time is now…

with passion & gratitude — jb


2 thoughts on “The time is NOW, dear ones…oh, yes…

  1. Great piece JB!

    “I am guilty of a dreadful selfish crime
    I have robbed myself of all my precious time”
    -Robert Earl Keen

    While you can’t change the past, you can sure as hell ruin the present by worrying about the future. When that moment comes, the one offers you another path, don’t hesitate or it will vanish leaving you to trudge along in the mindless haze of other peoples expectations. If what you’re doing and what you’re capable of doing aren’t in the same room, it’s time to move on. The point of Life should not be a well planned journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, vice in one hand, checklist in the other, body thoroughly used up, and screaming “WOO-HOO what a ride!”
    Side note: I like refried beans, but I wanna try fried beans, because maybe they’re just as good and we’re just wasting time.
    And remember, today is the tomorrow you put off yesterday.

    Hooray JB & PTP!


    • Two weeks later, and this comment STILL makes my heart smile! Kindred spirits… :) It’s so true though – why tip toe through life?! What’s the point of that?! This is not a dress rehearsal…
      Lemme know how your sampling of the fried beans goes.
      Big bear hug ahoy!


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