Oh, the questions could go on forever…forever…forever…

11.29.10 // My Mondays

Are you currently living your life as a version of yourself that’s utterly satisfying?

Burst out llima

Do you awake each morning thrilled to feel the breath enter and then escape from your funcitoning lungs, only to have another rush flood immediately in?

Do you look at the people, opportunities, experiences, memories and emotions that create the metaphorical fabric of your life and pour out gratitude for each and every one?


Do you realize how lucky you already are – right here, right now – in THIS very moment?

Four Leaf Clover

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?  How does that viewpoint make you feel?  Does it apply elsewhere in your life?

Glass Half Full vs. Half Empty

When was the last time you stopped to smell a beautiful flower?

Do you indulge in simple things that bring your much joy?  (Hint: sometimes the best things make everyone else around you raise an eyebrow in question.  That’s ok!  Do it anyway!  They’re probably just jealous of your sense of freedom.)

girl blowing bubbles

Which terrifies you more: failing or succeeding?

(Be honest with yourself!)

What do you want?

I love love LOVE the convolutedness of this question.  It is so bloody simple, and yet it seems to be one of the most difficult for people to answer.  Why is that?  Don’t we all feel things bubbling in our bellies that indicate we’re more drawn to certain things, people, foods, colors, movie/music genres, etc.  So, what’s the point in ignoring or denying that?

Question Marks

The questions could just keep pouring from my fingertips like the colorful scarf emerging from the magician’s sleeve — never-ending, colorful, captivating.


But alas…I feel that such potent material is sometimes best ingested in smaller doses.  At least until a higher tolerance is built up.

Adjusting one’s mentality is not a quick turn-around process.  But, it’s a ridiculously important one!  So please…don’t deny yourself such an opportunity.  Don’t downplay your abilities and capabilities.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, or too soft.  Don’t deny yourself from yourself!

Smile wide, and laugh often!!! :)

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


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