This is what commitment to a goal looks like.

As I find myself thinking more and more lately about the concept of just how much work is one willing to do for their goal – I was thrilled (a foreshadowing play on words!) to be able to use the following video as an immediate illustration.

Remember the commercial with the Christmas lights on the house being synched up to Trans-Siberian Orchestra music?  Well…here’s a spin off that idea, but with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  (Foreshadowing from above: explained.)  I know it’s well past the Halloween time and all…but this video is just too awesome not to share it!

When I watched it, my mind kept bouncing back and forth between being in awe of the end result, and then being in awe of the dedication, time commitment, and creativity that were necessary to pull it off.  Filled with awe was I.  Beyond that, I felt inspired.  It made me want to really attack some intense project of my own that might be able to entice awe from others as well – because that would mean that they were paying attention.

I mean – the creators behind this went balls to the wall!  (If you’ll pardon the expression.) This project was attacked hardcore – they didn’t do it for just a couple minutes either; it runs the whole length of the song – right around the 6 minute point.  Commitment.

It’s a beast of a feat, but look at how well the end result came out thanks to such hard work!  And now it gets passed around and shared with who knows how many other people for who knows how long after the fact.  If that doesn’t make for a rockin’ cherry on top of a yummy sundae…

Work hard at your goals and then SHARE them with the world!  We want to know about them, I assure you!  Got anything awesome in the mix right now?  Lemme hear about it, people!!! :)

Special thanks to Luke for sending this video my way.

with passion & gratitude — jbish


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