WikiLeaks: Leak or Attack?

By now, we’ve all heard about the WikiLeaks situation, yeah?  It’s a pretty messed up little beastie for sure – but it’s also incredibly interesting to watch the two sides continue to battle over the rights and wrongs of the situation – whether it is simply an illustration of the rights of the American people, or if it’s an un-American act that has gone too far.

Politics.  Oy.

Digging around a bit today, I discovered that some of the websites are not functioning at this point ( and  However, there is this other site: – and when it comes up in a Google search, it actually states that it’s “Helpful, if the main site is down.”  WikiLeaks Mirrors is a site that (you guessed it!) mirrors the information that was on the other sites.  I recommend checking it out if you’re wanting some more information on the matter.

In addition to that site for some interesting information, I came across a video on that focuses on the WikiLeak situation.  It’s from Parker/Spitzer, and the guest is Joe Wilson, former US Ambassador to Gabon.  Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, are actually the people whom the new film “Fair Game” centers around.  Sean Penn and Naomi Watts play these real-life people, and help to get their story (which Wilson says is depicted quite accurately) out into the mainstream.

Wilson’s viewpoint on the matter focuses on the idea that these information leaks could actually be an intentionally malicious gesture – “an official penetration from a hostile intelligence service…[providing a] roadmap for the terrorists…gives al Qaeda a targeting list…”  I found this to be quite interesting, and incredibly terrifying.  EsPECially when it starts to delve more into the idea of Iran building up its nuclear program and its own production of “yellowcake.”  Eek!

To give it a gander, click here, or click on the image below.

WikiLeaks / Wilson


So, what do you think: leak or attack?


with passion & gratitude — jb


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