So much can happen in just one week…

01.24.11 // My Mondays

I don’t know about you, but I, myself, have a pretty interesting relationship with time.  Sometimes I seem to really be on top of things, other times – not so much.  Sometimes entire months just seem to vanish from beneath me, while other months drag on as if floating down upon my life via some super large (sometimes brightly colored or patched up) parachute.

time is never time at all

The fact that time is so relative and elusive helps drive me to want to really actively focus on being present in the now.  In the now.  In the now.  In the now.  Are ya with me on this?  Groovy.

People are always saying things like: “Oh, it’ll be over before you know it;” “those 3 months will just fly by;” “it’s only 3 months – that’s nothing.”  To this I say: “You haven’t lived the week that I’ve just lived.”

What do I mean by this true-but-totally-abstract-to-you-at-the-moment comment?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Kinda.


Last Saturday, I was in one place in my life.  Over the span of a handful of hours, some really important things I’d been struggling with were finally laid to rest, granting me a certain level of peace of mind – and some really amazing things that I couldn’t have possibly anticipated found me somehow and worked their way into my life.  So now – as I sit here today – things have shifted so significantly, that it seems as though those 3 months must have already passed.  But it’s only been 1 week.  7 days.  And so much has changed.  All of it for the better.  It’s really amazing to me…

So.  What the hell is my overarching point to this still-vague watercolor I’ve splashed onto the screen before you?  Simply this: things really can shift in no time at all.  You don’t need to have everything planned out, and force yourself down a specified, well-trodden path, eyeballing for all the typical markers along the way.  (You know the ones I’m talking about — they’re obviously identifiable on that generic map that society hands out to us and we sometimes all-too-eagerly cling to for comfort and support.  Get to the “X” and dig up the treasure that’s just waiting there for ya.  Yup – thems the ones!)

treasure map

The best things that can come to you you’ll never be able to fully plan for.  I repeat: the best things that can come to you you’ll never be able to fully plan for.

feels goodSometimes they may even seem too good to be true.  But that doesn’t mean they’re NOT true.  That is one of the best things that we gain when we forfeit some control; we can get pushed to actually be able to accept something like that into our world when we normally would have just wanted to walk the other way out of fear, disbelief, cynicism, etc.  Like the friend who forces you to wear clothes you shied away from – not because they look bad on you – but because you’ve grown too comfortable being hidden.

Then, when you actually do put on the clothes said friend forced upon you in the moment, you end up TOtally owning them as your strut your stuff down the pavement.  Why are you strutin’?  Oh, that’s right — because it feels so goooooood.

Time is wicked powerful, and full of so many incredible things.  I highly highly encourage everyone to really push their own boundaries of exploration that can lead to awesome happiness (something I’m actually in the process of working through myself as I write this out – right here and right now) because there are some truly amazing things waiting for you to discover them.  Once discovered, these rockin’ little life nuggets of grooviness will then be reliant on you to scoop them up, and protect them from outside forces.


So as not to risk completely overshadowing my point with this flowery language which has resulted from a current state of pseudo-delirium, provide me just one more moment in which to be blunt if you please…

Bottom line: time is elusive, and you really can’t ever know what is waiting for you just around the bend that currently occupies your eye line.

opportunity next exit

With eyes, heart, and mind open – I implore you to live in the now, and gobble up all the delicious morsels life will choose to throw at you.

life is amazing

with passion & gratitude — jenbish


2 thoughts on “So much can happen in just one week…

  1. Well… if you believe… The Bible says God created earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th. So amazing and truly awesome! Yes, so much can happen in just one week :)


  2. Once again you’ve hit on topics I’ve discussed in the past week with two different entities in my life – my women’s Bible study and an “opportunity” if you will. You never know what is in store for you. But if you are willing to take a risk and cling to your faith that things will work out, amazingness can happen…although yes, it is scary. I’ve found that these blessings – careers, relationships, opportunities to pursue passions – are extraordinarily perfect and so much greater than anything little ‘ol me could have contrived.


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