Creativity is a choice.

creativity is a choice

creativity with purpose

Whether we’re artists, corporate managers, accountants or whatever, we all want to create; and we want to do it in a purposeful and meaningful way.

I learned the hard way that, as agreeable an idea “Creativity for its own sake” is, it’s not particularly sustainable, financially rewarding or emotionally satisfying over the long run.

Human beings are hardwired to embrace “Creativity With Purpose”- i.e.create stuff that actually has real value to ourselves and other people. Creativity is tied into our evolution as a species and our basic survival instinct. It’s there for a reason.

“Creativity” is a pretty abstract idea, so I represent it here as an abstract picture. The green sort of represents the initial creative spark, the blue represents the foggy, divine, unknowable bit, the black lines represent the architecture- the framework- of the real world that the creative idea has to eventually fit in with.

quit yappin' and create something

All images and text above created by Hugh MacLeod of


with passion & gratitude — jen


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