Would you erase me . . .?

07.25.11 // My Mondays

Far too often – people try to run away from their past in order to find their future.  This tactic can’t possibly work long term . . . for we aren’t meant to compartmentalize our lives like that.  We are meant to makes mistakes and learn from them, to enjoy successes along the way and learn from those too . . . to create the life we want to be living, embody the person we want to become . . .  We are meant to be the sum of our experiences.  Why would we want to deprive ourselves of any dimension that could just add to the glory of our identity?  The words “for better or for worse” live in the vows that are supposed to bind us to another person, and yet we fight so ardently against them when it comes to embracing ourselves as individuals.  Why is that?

Your past need not dictate your future, but it certainly will accompany it – whether you intentionally invite along or not.  So, make the changes in yourself and in your life that you wish to reflect out to the world, but remember that you wouldn’t be who you are now if you hadn’t gone through everything you went through then . . . because when we stop and really think about it – everything truly does happen for a reason, yeah?

So, I ask ya . . .

would you erase me?


with passion & gratitude — jb



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