Keira Knightley lends her voice to Tinker Bell in new Peter Pan prequel mini-series “Neverland”

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Keira Knightley: What’s Next for the Actress

10:46 AM PDT 9/2/2011 by THR staff
Keira Knightley
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Keira Knightley

With “A Dangerous Method” premiering at Venice Film Festival, THR takes a look at upcoming projects for the British star.

Keira Knightley is making the festival rounds, with her period drama A Dangerous Method debuting at the Venice Film Festival on Friday. The David Cronenberg-directed feature co-stars Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy believes Cronenberg’s film “about boundary-testing in the early days of psychoanalysis is brought to vivid life by the outstanding lead performances of Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender.”

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Knightley, who broke through in the early 2000s with Bend It Like Beckham, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Pride and Prejudice, is already looking forward to future projects.

After starring in numerous dramas, such as London Boulevard, Last Night and the weeper Never Let Me Go, Knightley will provide the voice of Tinker Bell in Syfy’s two-night miniseries event Neverland, set to air later this year. The live-action prequel to the Peter Pan saga co-stars Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins and Charles Rowe and is a reimagining of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as pickpocketers who travel to Neverland.

The Oscar-nominated actress has also lined up romantic comedy Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with former The Office star Steve Carell. In the film, Knightley portrays Penny, a lonely person who realizes she can’t procrastinate anymore in searching for romance. Directed by Lorene Scafaria, a 2012 opening for the movie is being planned.

Knightley will also be reuniting with Pride and Prejudice and Atonement filmmaker Joe Wright for Anna Karenina, adapted by Tom Stoppard, with the British star playing the title character. The Working Title film also stars Jude Law, Olivia Williams and Aaron Johnson.

“In some films you’re on your own but in a Joe Wright film you’re not on your own, it’s a genuinely collaborative event and I think that she’s a phenomenal actress with or without this incredible ensemble behind her,” Williams told the Press Association recently of Knightley.


Neverland is an original production for Sky Movies, revealing the never-before-told story of how Peter Pan became the Boy Who Never Grew Up. It’s an enthralling fantasy adventure for all of the family, starring Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, with Charlie Rowe as Peter and Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinker Bell.

pirate cosplay

Sweeping in time from the turbulent seas of the Caribbean to the back alleys of Dickensian London to a world of pure imagination, Neverland is the inspired origin story of one of the most cherished characters of all time: Peter Pan.

Neverland peter pan

peter pan





FEATURETTE on the upcoming four-part mini series:


Oh, Peter Pan . . . how my love for you only continues to grow stronger.  With an eyebrow pushed up towards the heavens thanks to the help of my pointer finger (since I cannot raise the damn thing any other way at this point), I look forward to gawking at the screen as this beast plays itself out before me.

Not sure how I feel about the set up . . . or rather – I DO know how I feel about it at this point, but it ain’t too good. Peter Pan already has a backstory, so if you’re gonna mess with that, then it’d better come out awesomely.

With high hopes, I look forward to the airing — 4 hours of Pan the Man: yes.

Bangarang, Peter! :)

Wish EYE could fly to Never Never Land right now . . .

with passion & gratitude — jb


ps: keira knightley = major girl-crush!

pps: i still need some peter pan jammie pants!


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