. . . out with the old & in with the new . . .

Nothing is created.gif


Nothing is Created 

There’re a lot of smart people out there starting and driving businesses focused on changing the way we do things—especially in marketing and technology. Unfortunately, far too many companies still rely on tweaking what exists as opposed to reinventing.

I originally drew this piece for for a client with fabulous Word of Mouth marketing agency. The point is to look past old methods that maybe work…but don’t work as well as they used to and develop ways of getting clients excited about why you exist.

So it comes down to knocking out some walls, and encouraging others to do the same. You’ve seen what this old method can do, so get it out of the way to let new ideas work some magic for a little while…

Until, of course, it’s time to trash that for whatever is next.


Love love LOVE this!!!  As I continue to work my way through a wickedly intense and difficult-yet-fabulous phase of my life, I find it awesomely comforting and motivating to be reminded of this concept.

In order to welcome new things (and people) in, ya gotta have room for them once they get there.

It’s time to make the room . . . 

Many thanks to Hugh MacLeod for another effective piece from gapingvoidgallery.

with passion & gratitude — jenbish


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