“Like Crazy” trailer

‘Like Crazy’: Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner Trailer Premieres

Paramount released first look at Drake Doremus’ young love story.

11:54 AM PDT 8/2/2011 by THR staff


like crazy


Paramount released the first trailer for the Sundance hit Like Crazy. The film, written and directed by Drake Doremus, chronicles the story of a young couple who are challenged by a long-distance relationship.

Starring Felicity JonesAnton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) and Charlie Bewley (Twilight), the film won the Grand Jury Prize Winner at Sundance in 2011.

Paramount purchased the romantic drama at Sundance just 16 hours after its premiere. The company paid $4 million for worldwide rights, according to sources.

STORY: Why Paramount Paid $4 Million for ‘Like Crazy’

Doremus’ next project, a story about love and marriage, will star Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, and Amy Ryan.


I remember back during one of my internships I had an assignment one day of researching this Felicity chick. She was pegged as “an up-and-comer / someone to watch.”  Apparently, that was an accurate assessment.

“Like Crazy.”  Oh, young love . . .

with passion & gratitude — jb


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