The Nicest Place on the Internet :)


Sometimes we forget just how powerful a hug can be . . .  But they are a simple tool that really can make all the difference to someone’s mood, attitude, or even entire day.  They can make the bad times seem a littler bit better, and they can make the good times feel even more wonderful.  They can give you strength, yet also provide you with comfort.  They can express appreciation, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and love.

Hugs remind us that we are not alone, and that people really do care about us — right here, right now — as we currently are.

When you’re a “GOOD hugger” — it’s easily recognizable, and people absolutely gravitate towards you for it.  That in turn only boosts your hugging powers because you’re now more aware of their awesomeness, and more willing to share them with others.

And one of the best parts about hugs: that awesome effect they can have — it can be created for both the giver AND the receiver.

So, do yourself AND someone else a huge favor today — and  SHARE THE LOVE! :)

big bear hug to you


You def def DEFinitely want to click here.  Trust me. :)

Canaan — there are no words for just how happy this site makes me.  Thank you for that.

calvin and hobbes hug

And a very special hug goes out today to my Looo-cuss.  Hope you can feel it . . .

with passion & gratitude — jenbish


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