Flowers vs. Elephants


Extremely Hard
A reworking of a sentiment I say a lot these days.
It never occurred to me, when I was younger, that if I got successful, I would have to work twice as hard. I thought being “successful’ was not having to work…
But success is a very delicate flower. It doesn’t take a very heavy elephant in order to trample it to the ground.
So one has to work twice as hard, keeping those pesky elephants out of the yard.The trouble arises when you get SO BUSY battling the elephants, you forget all about the flower. We’ve seen it happen, many times before.


I love flowers, and I love elephants.  After reading this metaphor, my mind has wandered to laying me down in a beautiful field of wild flowers — the glorious sky above me, the delicious breeze communicating with me, the child-like clouds entertaining me.  And as for the elephants?  Well . . . the elephants can’t get to me here.

I do what I love so I don’t have to do what I hate.

Thanks Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoidgallery.

Life — bring on them flowers! :)

with passion & gratitude — jb


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