Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Laundromat

Uploaded by  on Dec 11, 2011

PLACE: Laundromat in Echo Park, CA.
SONG: LYKKE LI- I’m Good, I’m Gone.
WHY I CHOSE THIS SONG: I just went through a bum of a breakup. I’ve been mega sad/low. This title caught my eye as I scrolled through- it’s fitting!”
LYRIC I LOVE: “Yeah, I know I’ll get it back. Yeah, I know your hands will clap.”
GIRL: Angela Trimbur


This . . . is so . . . brilliant!!! :)

I love love LOVE it when people are free enough to do things like this! And this chick isn’t just dancing around — she’s interacting with the people around her, AND she looks like she’s loving every minute of her mini-adventure. Methinks it’s witnessing her own “happiness-in-freedom-and-expression” that makes me love this as much as I do.

Not only am I now in love, but I’m also wickedly inspired! I am SO going to create a “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” video myself! Who wants to hold the camera for me?! Or dancey dance right along-side-a me?!?!

Seriously though . . . who’s in???

Feeling super good now — I am I am! :)

with passion & gratitude — jenbish


PS: I TOtally already have the song picked out . . . and it’s a good-un . . . ;)


One thought on “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Laundromat

  1. This was so much fun to watch that I had to watch it twice. Jen, this is so you!! Have fun with your video!!


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