“Why Film?” — Phoenix Tree’s first blog post from guest writer Erik Bendoyro

Today is a very special day here at Phoenix Tree Productions; it is the day that our blog welcomes to the page our very first bona fide VISITOR SCRIBE!!! :)

So, please — show some love, and give Mr. Erik Bendoyro’s first (of many) blog posts a few moments of your attention. Like what chya read? Let us know! There’s more where that came from . . .

Thanks so much for choosing Phoenix Tree as another outlet from which your voice can be heard, Erik. You rock!!! :)

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


Blog 1: Why Film?

written by: Erik Bendoyro

Film does something that no other medium does: it incorporates so many other mediums in such a way that it’s like our senses are at a theme park, and with a truly good film they get to each ride on their own ride; synthesized with one another to allow you to walk away with a new understanding of life. And in the end, good film really is simply a great version of story telling.

I think about why I watch film and it’s because it inspires me. From Babel to AI: Artificial Intelligence, to Magnolia and even Super 8, I walk away from each film imbued with a new sense of how another views life and sees potential or decrepitness in it. I guess, in short, film gives me hope. It reminds me that little boys and girls that used to dream, still do, in fact, dream when they grow up; and that those dreams don’t have to be boxed up with old year books and a purer understanding of life. Maybe life is still somewhat awe-inspiring, dangerous and full of uncharted territories. Maybe my voice, whatever perspective it may be, has an outlet and that someone has an ear to hear. Maybe then, film is so much more then just, well, film.

I wonder how often we listen to what each filmmaker is saying; to the story they wish to tell. This is not to say that we necessarily have to agree with their message, but it does allow us to say that “Yes, I understand you a bit more.” And if we can understand them, maybe we can understand ourselves and the day-to-day insanity we confront as well. These stories we see and understand, these thrill rides we embark upon then become less fantastic and we realize that there can in fact be a man behind the curtain and that his story matters, and if his story matters, then so does mine. And, yes, so does yours too. That’s why film matters.


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