Stunning Graffiti



Horray for the ever-expanding definition of “graffiti”!!!

. . . I wish I knew who all the artists were behind these images, but alas — I received a “chain letter” style email containing them all, with no additional information.

If, by any chance, you happen to know who any of the artists are — please do pass that info on to me, so I can update the post, and continue to spread their name along with their work on to others.

ARTIST UPDATE: Thanks to Brandey for letting me know that some of these pieces are done by Banksy (of course), and some others by Mr. Brainwash. Still not sure which pieces exactly are whose though . . .

Many thanks to my Ma for sharing these with me!

Talent like this just astounds me . . . :)

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


4 thoughts on “Stunning Graffiti

  1. So cool! I would freak out if I were riding my bike toward what looked like a giant gaping chasm in the sidewalk though…


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