‘3D Sex & Zen’ Sequel Will Be In 4D, Having Vibrating Theater Seats

‘3D Sex & Zen’ Sequel Will Be In 4D, Having Vibrating Theater Seats

5:45 PM PST 3/1/2012 by Jordan Zakarin // The Hollywood Reporter
China Lion

The director of the hit Hong Kong erotic series is creating quite a buzz.

How do you take 3D big screen sex to the next level? By making it 4D, of course.

Stephen Shiu, the producer behind the steamy 2011 blockbuster 3D Sex and Zentold the Daily Chilli newspaper that he intends on using a vibrating seat technology in Hong Kong theaters for the film’s sequel, 4D Sex and Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East. The first film beat out The Hangover, Part II when it came out in June with an opening day take of HK$2.79 million ($360,000), taking the island’s box office record from Avatar.

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He also sought to cast the sequel with a high profile Taiwainese model Alina Hsu, though Hsu then denied that she was considering taking a part in the film.

4D Sex and Zen will actually be the third film in the series; the first, of which the 3D version was a remake, came out in 1991.

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. . . wait – what?!?!

Not so sure about the idea of having this kind of experience in a movie theater setting . . . though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t now incredibly curious about all this.

The first film did better in theaters than “The Hangover II.” CLEARly, those in Hong Kong are much more open to erotica in general . . . but, being open to erotica, and then going to the point of adding vibrating seats to a movie theater — it begs the question: How much is too much?

Being hush-hush about socially-labeled “taboo” subjects vs. being incredibly unveiled . . . where’s the best place to draw the “healthy” line?

with passion & gratitude — jb

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