Phoenix Tree Receives “Versatile Blogger” Award

03.26.12 // My Mondays


Oh me, oh my — what a great day for the Phoenix! This very blog upon which you currently are feasting your eyes, mind, and spirit has received a super fabulous “Versatile Blogger” award from fellow blogger: Mental Health Food /Living 4 Bliss (Believing Life Is Setup for Success). I am so incredibly grateful to Ms. Bliss for taking the time to read the writings of the Phoenix, for allowing them to have a positive impact on her, and for going the awesome extra step of passing on the word of the bird. (Or is it that “bird” IS the word . . . ? Hmm . . . ;))

Readers, you should totally venture over to the Mental Food Health / Living 4 Bliss blog and give it a look-see.

So, apparently there are 2 rules to receiving such an award: to pass the award on to 15 blogs you feel are deserving, and to share 7 things about yourself on your own blog. While I can certainly accomplish the second task, I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot at this time fulfill the first one. In light of that, allow me to instead share with you the other blogs presented with the Versatile Blogger in my company; may you find some golden nuggets of awesomeness amongst their words.

And the winners are…

7 8 Things About Me:

1.) I am a jammie pant, slipper sock, and “Peter Pan” fanatic.

2.) My little brother always has been and always will be the light of my life.

3.) My parents are still together after 31 years of marriage, and I am beyond blessed to be able to honestly say that not only are they a constant pillar of support for me, but I truly consider them to be 2 of my very best friends.

4.) I believe that optimism has the potential to be highly contagious if the carrier is highly passionate. This mindset helps to drive me to want to continue to do whatever I can to help inspire and empower others to see, pursue, and live out the very best that they have already brewing inside of themselves.

5.) I love the feeling of being surrounded by books, and as a result, live in a home that is riddled with different sized and colored bookcases that are just overflowing with bound volumes of the written word.

6.) I typically need to have noise and things going on around me in order to focus. If I put a movie on in the background, it needs to be one I’m wicked familiar with; if it’s music, however, it needs to either be instrumental, or something I’m not at all familiar with. New movies, or familiar music — both will distract rather than facilitate.

7.) I positively and absolutely adore to dance. While I can choreograph both hip-hop and ballet, when it comes to actually doing the dancing myself — it is the hippity-hop that fills my soul and guides my feet.

8.) I literally stop to smell the flowers.


Thank you so much again, Lady Bliss. You’ve provided me with a sincere feeling of accomplishment — which only fuels me to want to continue to churn out content aimed at inspiring and empowering others.

Wishing you continued happiness, and never-ending optimism. :)

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


2 thoughts on “Phoenix Tree Receives “Versatile Blogger” Award

  1. Congratulations Jenn.!!!
    I do hope that the “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” is one of those volumes you allow to fill your soul. In this “greatest selling book” I know there is inspiration and hope it also finds and fills you. STAY INSPIRED!!


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