“It never was between you and them anyway.”


This isn’t the first time I’m posting a version of this Mother Teresa quote . . . nor is it to be my last. Every time I read it, her age-less and seemingly-simplistic insight resonates just as powerfully with my innards as it did the first time. To have found such a nugget of deliciousness — you better believe I will cling to it, and unapologetically enjoy the adventure it continues to guide me on.

May it guide you on a glorious journey all your own, my little sparrow.

Here’s to taking words of substance to heart . . . :)

with passion & gratitude — jenbish


One thought on ““It never was between you and them anyway.”

  1. This is so simple, yet so very powerful at the same time. This world is littered with situations that give us the opportunity to be better people, often through negative reinforcement, that we don’t take advantage of. Its so easy to succumb to pressure of being adverse and fatalistic with the rest of the culture rather than rebel with the hope that love and goodness will thrive.The simple choice to circumvent rather than to succumb to whatever comes our way, means so much more to us and those we come across than we know. Thank you so much for sharing this, Ginger Fish!


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