Begin each day with a grateful heart.

04.23.12 // My Mondays


grateful heart

. . . and then open yourself to observe and receive the magic that begins to manifest in your life as a result of this single focused action on your part. If this you do, I gare-ohn-TEE your life will take on a whoooole new meaning of “awesome” — one that you couldn’t have possibly anticipated or mapped out . . . no matter how hard you tried.

Regardless of circumstances or specifics — you have full control over how much gratitude you allow into your life, your attitude, your mindset, you output. You owe it to yourself, to those around you, and to the universe to be happy. Gratitude lights the way to that happiness. Mmm . . . que delicioso . . . :)

Many many thanks to Jada Sun for sharing this with me. Mahalo!

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


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