We’ve stopped to smell the roses today…


“Stop to smell the roses”: whether you follow-through on this literally or metaphorically — the benefits can be plenteous.

Anyone who knows me is well-aware of the fact that I’m a huge proponent of literally taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. I feel this ever-so-simple gesture to be ridiculously powerful in the return that it can provide you. That said, there is of course a deliciously awesome plethora of other activities that fulfill these 2 descriptors, as well. So, I ask ya — what actions do you positively adore doing despite their simplicity, and because of their positive impact on yourself? (Please remember: whether or not other people understand or support these simple actions is of no real concern.)

Sometimes your world can feel totally overwhelming and convoluted. It’s at times like these — when we might feel less inclined to want to do something as simple and unimportant as stopping to smell some flowers — that the need to do exactly that is so much greater, thereby allowing that action the chance to prove that much more beneficial to us.

So, do yourself a favor, my darling: take a moment today to stop and smell some flowers — either literally, or metaphorically.

. . . and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


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