“Cloud Atlas” — Directors’ Commentary & Extended Trailer

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Cloud Atlas arrives October 26, 2012. Visit http://www.snoutypig.com for movie news, articles, and more.

The following is a description in the three director’s own words (slightly paraphrased and yes three directors):

The film is: “massive in scope” but “relative to normal life, to human beings” while being “political” with “lots of action” set “in the past and the future” where the actors get to play different characters, ages, races and “different genders” and those characters represent the core concept of “an idea of connectedness and karma” where the characters inherit “the consequences” of their past lives.

For those of you interested in the music:

The second song is: “Outro” by M83.

The first song is: “Sonera” by Thomas J. Bergersen


. . . weak in the knees am I . . .

‘Tis gonna be TOtally epic!!! :) 

with passion & gratitude — jennifer


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