Paperman: the Disney-Pixar Oscar-winning short film about love and paper airplanes



Love love LOVE!!!!!

Animation most-definitely has a piece of my heart — always and forever — but there is something really special about this particular short . . .

I can remember sitting in the theater to see “Wreck It Ralph” and this was the short that played beforehand. I was so sucked in, blown away, legitimately happy by the time its 6 minutes had passed — I had forgotten what main attraction I was there to see! I felt so satisfied by the story I had just been told that I wasn’t thinking about “what’s next” or “now what” — but rather, I was totally in that moment — so happy to just keep sitting there, loving what I had just seen and how it made me feel. I honestly could not stop smiling or giggling! (Just ask the dude I went with — I’m sure he remembers . . . as I wasn’t very subtle about my joy . . . mayhaps even a bit obnoxious with it at that point.)

I really hope seeing something like this can open more people’s minds to the potential of animation. It is not just for children. It is this wonderful way of communicating, and its potential truly is limitless — both in story, and technique.

This short always puts a little extra pep in my step, and light in my heart. May it do the same for you on this wicked-fab Friday. :)

with passion & gratitude — jen bish


PS: I even got to see some original “Peter Pan” animation moments thanks to that last featurette! . . . amazing. :)


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