Phoenix Tree Productions is undergoing an evolution…

Ah, yes…we meet again… :)

I write to you today to inform you that Phoenix Tree Productions is currently passing through an all-too-appropriate threshold of change; in an attempt to communicate with more people and activate even higher levels of connection, I have decided to free the image of the company, and instead focus on further cultivating that of the personal.

This afternoon, “Phoenix Tree Productions” will be changing to “Phlight of the Phoenix” with the domain name: “”. It is my sincere hope that you all choose to continue to follow the phoenix through this evolution, and into the new realms of awesomeness that we are being beckoned to adventure into.

Thank you SO very much for your support over the years; I highly anticipate nurturing these relationships as I move forward in this new chapter of endeavors for the phoenix…

Love to you all! :) & <3

flying phoenix

with passion & gratitude —



7 thoughts on “Phoenix Tree Productions is undergoing an evolution…

        • Hmm… I don’t understand the differences in platforms and how they alter the viewing of my website. I’ll see if I can figure something out, but as long as you can still read the content, not seeing my artwork isn’t too important. Thanks again for letting me know, Shane! Much appreciated…


          • You’re quite welcome. Yeah, it’s just a superficial bug; no biggie. If it’s still there next time I have access to some development tools, I’ll see if I can find the fix for you.


  1. Nice upgrade, but I don’t think the background image and header are displaying correctly in my browser (Chrome on Android). Other than that, it’s nice to see you knocking the rust off of the site.


    • Thanks so much for the update and the support! I don’t have an Android or use Chrome; any chance you can do a screen capture for me, so I can try to fix any issues?


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