Meet Cassidy.  A very animated individual who enjoys trying new things and speaking her mind (even if what she has to say isn’t really the most smartest), she makes her way through various situations and scenarios for anyone and everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Completely improvised content, coupled with various editing techniques — Cassidy has something new-yet-similar to deliver in each episode that makes its way to the screen.

She is young and vibrant, out-going and optimistic, adorably naive and entertainingly unaware — she is my latest creation. She is Cassidy.


EPISODE 1: “Hi, I’m Cassidy!”   (08.19.11)


EPISODE 2: “A Video About Something Important”   (08.23.11)


EPISODE 3: “Cassidy Learns About 311”   (10.04.11)


EPISODE 4: “Cassidy Does Halloween”   (11.03.11)


EPISODE 5: “Cassidy Does Christmas”   (12.26.11)


EPISODE 6: “Cassidy Does George Michael’s Faith”   (01.26.12)


EPISODE 7: “Cassidy Wants to Learn Irish”   (03.22.12)

Determined to bring herself THAT much closer to The Promised Land, Cassidy opted to present this episode to the world — despite the technical difficulties experienced during filming. Cassidy and Phoenix Tree both apologize for these difficulties, but believe in your abilities to look past the outer uggo to see the inner non-uggo underneath it all. :)



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