Music Video

“You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” — silly lip sync in a onesie

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Phoenix Tree Productions!!! Jennifer performs the Jim Carrey version of this song for your enjoyment . . . and yes — she does so in her onesie. Why? . . . why NOT?! :)

One High Five — “Crash the Party” — Live Performance

I was asked to film and edit together a live performance of this band to create their submission video for a music expo in Los Angeles.  From choosing the best positions for all the lamps to the final edited freeze frame moment, ’twas an all-around success!  You can check these guys out at

Amy Wallace — “The Angels Called Us Home” — Live Performance

I was brought on board to film, edit, and create individual music videos of each song from a live performance of Amy Wallace.  Prior to these videos, she didn’t have any video of her playing live.  Only one video is displayed below, but all other videos of the entire performance are available for viewing on my You Tube channel.

now i lay me…

My first attempt at editing video.  Meant to be a learning exercise for myself above all else.  Completed on: 10.25.05