Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing.

08.01.11 // My Mondays

you say that i'm a dreamer...

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had people literally laugh out loud at me when I said how one day I was going to work in the movies.  As some of those very same people continued on to become some of my nearest and dearest, their laughter converted to bonafide belief and support of those very same dreams of mine that they once scoffed at so openly.  Sometimes some of those original nay-sayers even  started wanting “in” on the awesomeness that they now knew I would find for myself one day. My belief had not only become legitimate in the eyes of others, but it had continued on to actually become contagious.

My dreams never changed, nor did my willingness to vocalize them with passion and confidence. What changed was that people were seeing more and more that I meant what I said, and that I was willing to put in the effort behind the words to make them a reality rather than only remaining a dream. They saw results that then converted them to believers. They saw it and were THEN able to believe it.

Now . . . obviously I am thrilled that belief was found at all, but the high level of negativity that initially obstructed the support is something I want to draw more attention to because it is this initial reaction that can either boost up the gas or throw on the brakes toward forward progress and realization. If a person is so quick to scoff at someone else’s dreams, then they are probably doing this very same thing to their own dreams.  No matter how big or how small they are – so many dreams are being squashed (either by the dreamer or by nonbelievers) before they’re even given a real chance to take on some life.  This, my friends, positively breaks my heart.

We seem to live in a world where the majority of people operate under the “seeing is believing” mindset; until something is manifested directly  in front of them, they aren’t willing to get on board.  But, I ask ya: how can you expect to have wonderful things just appear before your eyes if you’re so unwilling to look for them in the first place?

You can’t see things unless you want to see them. If you’re an unbeliever, then you’re actually going to exert much more energy looking for all the things that support your unbeliever mindset, rather than all those wonderful things that are trying to prove it wrong – thereby getting you that much closer to those dreams of yours. You know the dreams I’m talking about – the ones that really resonate with you, that make you smile just thinking about them, that you can visualize in such great detail at times it’s almost as if you’ve already manifested them in your life.  Those dreams that seem to give your life direction and purpose, and push you to really live rather than just survive.  Yeah . . . Thems the ones!

So, if you had to choose between being right and being happy – which would you choose? 

You say that I’m a dreamer; I say you’re a nonbeliever.  But, you don’t have to stay that way . . .

with passion & gratitude — jenbish


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